AP Creator of the Month : Delphoxi

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Welcome to AP Spotlight. Every month, we’ll pick an AP Creator of the Month and interview them, and sometimes we’ll get some quick tips for other AP Creators.

For May, our AP Creator of the Month is Delphoxi.

Let’s get to know Delphoxi! 🎉

Hi, how’d you get into creating adult content? 

In 2015 I was actually a nude blogger on Tumblr and I would just pose naked for fun. My followers would regularly send me money to post specific nudes and that’s kinda where it started. I liked the freedom of it and I was already pretty comfortable with the world seeing me naked so I started looking in to content creating and camming more and jumped in at the end of 2015. So I’ve almost been doing this for a decade and I love it.

What’s your favorite content that you’ve shot?

The first kind of content I was really known for was buttcrack content and it’s still such a favorite of mine. It just reminds me of my roots every time I do it and it’s always really fun to just be adorable with my buttcrack out! I’m also a huge fan of just making really kinky taboo content that you’d never want your family to see in your browser history!

If you make customs, what’s the weird request you’ve received and did you shoot it?

After nearly a decade nothing seems too weird to me anymore. Most would say my content in general can be pretty weird but I think that is what makes it fun and memorable. There is one thing in particular that still sticks with me from my early days though. Someone requested that I make a video with tall socks on my arms and hands and talk about how the socks would feel as I give them a hand job with the socks on! I had such a fun time trying to keep a straight face while describing the “sock job”. Another time I had someone ask for me to make a video with cooked pasta noodles all over my body. I usually do most of the super interesting and odd things people request.

What do you like about using AP Clips as a platform?

I’ve been on AP Clips since 2016 and even way back then I was drawn in by the higher payout percentages on clips. I also really like how wonderful support for AP Clips is and how quickly they resolve anything I need.

What are five words to describe your brand?

Taboo, Fetish, Fantasy, Cute, Silly

Has your brand evolved since you started? If so, how?

My brand has evolved mostly because I started having more access to better cameras and editing softwares, but my brand as a whole has mostly stayed the same as when I started. I really just try to be myself and just put my own personality into my content.

What’s your trick to balancing your daily life?

This is something that I still find incredibly challenging after all of the years I’ve been a content creator. Creating for me just has become so much of my daily life that it’s impossible to completely separate myself from it. Hopefully one day I discover the trick but for now I’m still trying to master that one.

What are your go-to TV shows to binge watch?

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown , Longmire, and Trueblood

What’s a meme you’d use to describe yourself? 

You know the one with the dog just sitting while the room burns around him and he’s just like “this is fine”. I feel like I just sorta function now with all kinds of crazy going on around me. Some how I still manage to keep it together and keep creating.

Do you have any advice for creators who are just starting?

Be patient and be consistent. It’s not usually just going to happen over night. When I first started content creating in 2015 it took me an entire year of selling videos to lock in my first payout but I just kept trying, filming, and posting until my fan base grew. If it’s something you want, just keep trying!

What are your social media links so people can follow you on all the things?



Thank you so much! You’re amazing!

Find Delphoxi’s clips here on AP at https://apclips.com/delphoxi

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